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Integrity, Excellence, & Continuous Improvement
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At SECI Our Team Strives for

Quality and Safety

Schmidt Environmental Construction, Inc. works closely with the Owner, Engineers, and Subcontractors to make sure the Owner’s needs are met in a timely manner. SECI does projects as small as one day’s work and as large as a $7,000,000 greenfield treatment plant.

Our team is always looking for new and innovative ways to increase efficiency without sacrificing quality.


We have experience in all aspects of water treatment plant construction and process equipment installation. Our previous projects include: upgrading filter bottoms, sand filter construction, installing chemical storage and feed systems, concrete structures (cast-in-place, precast, and prestressed),  vertical turbine high service pump installations, pipe gallery upgrades, on-site chlorine generation systems, sludge removal systems, rapid mix structures and equipment, sedimentation basins, and building construction.


Our experience includes: sludge dewatering, structural excavations over twenty feet, belt press and centrifuge installations, polymer systems, installation of concrete structures and tankage, coarse and fine bubble diffuser installations, floating aerators, chlorine and UV systems, headwork structures, plant pump stations, clarifiers, digesters, thickeners, aeration basins, disk and sand filter installation, and building construction.

Transmission & Storage

Our experience on transmission and storage projects includes: rehabilitation and construction of sewer lift stations, bypass pumping, booster pump stations for potable water systems, raw water intake pump stations, water storage tank painting, construction, and trihalomethane removal systems.

Design-Build & Other

Schmidt Environmental Construction, Inc. has the resources to meet all other related construction projects, including: design-build, package treatment plants for developers, industrial pretreatment facilities, general plant maintenance, concrete restoration, and demolition.